Shopping in Cusco, Peru: Discover the coolest concept-stores!

by Deborah Durrfeld
best shopping in Cusco Peru - concept stores

Looking for the best shopping in Cusco Peru? Cusco is a true souvenir – shopping heaven. Like in all of Peru, Cusco offers many shops, markets and stalls with traditional Peruvian souvenirs. From colored ponchos, rugs, scarves, purses, bags, jewelry to key chains, llama and alpaca sweaters. But you will also find a number of super cool concept stores with work by Peruvian designers and artists. In the San Blas district in particular, one store after the other opens. This is a list with the nicest concept stores and shops in Cusco Peru.

concept stores Peru

Shopping in Cusco, Peru: 6x the coolest concept stores

1. Cocoliso | Shopping in Cusco, Peru

First up on my list, Shopping in Cusco is Cocoliso. It is a cute and bohemian shop with jewelry, hats, bags with cool prints, alpaca sweaters, scarves, gloves and ponchos. Everything is handmade by people from the surrounding communities and made from 100% alpaca and baby alpaca wool. Cocoliso is located on a small courtyard on Calle Palacio. You might have to search a bit because you pass quickly!

2. A La Lau

A La Lau has two branches, one on Avenida del Sol and one halfway between Cuenta San Blas, up the mountain from the plaza. Both stores have beautiful and durable items from young Cusco designers!

3. L’atelier | Best shopping in Cusco, Peru

Bags, hats, notebooks, make-up bags, dresses, paintings, photos and beautiful clothing. In this store you will find everything and it is lovely to walk around. On the second floor of the L’atelier cafe concept is a small cafeteria with fresh cakes, coffee and tea. From the balcony you have a nice view of the Calle Carmen Alto and San Blas neighborhood. There are two branches in the same street: L’atelier cafe concept and L’atelier by Grid.

4. Iya Mayta

Such a nice store with beautiful things! Here you will find silver jewelry, stones, hats, ponchos and various accessories under the name Iya Mayta. Everything is handmade, by Peruvian artists and local people, in order to honor traditional handicraft techniques. A percentage of your purchase goes to the non-profit organization Hawka Pacha. The brand Iya Mayta can be found in different Cusco stores and has its own store on Calle Arequipa.

5. Isa Luna | Best shopping in Cusco, Peru

A nice art and design store on Calle Carmen Alto. You will also find various ceramics from the Peruvian artist Yuri Eslava.

6. Hilo & Mestizo

Two nice and cute clothing stores from young designers, also on Calle Carmen Alto. Everything is made by hand! In Hilo there is always someone behind the sewing machine who makes sure you’ll leave with a outfits thats suits you. I bought a lot of nice dresses and a Frida Kahlo jacket at this place.

Best shopping in Cusco, Peru | Other stores

1. Sol Alpaca & Kuna | Shopping in Cusco, Peru

Shops with beautiful and high-quality alpaca clothing can be found at almost every corner. Two of my favorites are Kuna & Sol Alpaca. Both stores have several branches and it is worth to walk in and have a look. You will find the most beautiful, warm and soft scarves, sweaters, jackets and ponchos made of real alpaca wool. You will be spending a bit more money here, but it’s worth the investment. If you have some serious money to spend, you can opt for a vicuña item, the most expensive wool among the lama varieties.

2. King of Maps | Best shopping in Cusco, Peru

A nice store on the Plaza de Armas, the central square, with only old maps. Here you will find maps of Machu Picchu, Cusco, Ollantaytambo and Pisaq, located in the sacred valley, but also the Nazca lines and various pre-Columbian images.

King of Maps

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