How safe is Bolivia? + tips for your visit

by Deborah Durrfeld
Is Bolivia safe to visit

Is Bolivia safe to visit? How safe is Bolivia? I get these questions all the time. Bolivia is a country I was able to visit more than 20 times and got to know very well. With the necessary precautions, Bolivia is a wonderful country to travel through without any problems. But Bolivia is dealing, lik many south american countries, with a great contrast between rich and poor. A large percentage of the population lives below the poverty line. It is important to watch your belongings and be careful all the time. Read here more about a safe trip through Bolivia and how to deal with protests and road-blocks.

Is Bolivia safe to visit? | tips for a safe trip

  • It is important to watch your belongings, especially in big cities and crowded areas.
  • Do not take valuables on the street. It is best to not even bring them on your travels. Or keep them in the safe of your hotel or in a closed suitcase / bag.
  • Watch out for ketchup and mustard tricks, where you get sprayed with ketchup or mustard. Then, when you want to clean yourself, several people are ready to help. This moment often goes together with theft.
  • Do not walk alone in the evening or at night, take a taxi.
  • Avoid suburbs, you don’t know.
  • Be sure to check with your hotel for the latest information, before heading out or go on a hike.
  • Travel with a reliable tour operator and check some of the reviews before making your reservation.
  • Keep your valuables with you (preferably on your body) when you travel by local bus. You can put your suitcase or backpack in the lugagge hold. Always ask for a ticket.

How safe is Bolivia? Protests and road blocks

Bolivia is known as a country of demonstrations and road blocks, because of the political discontent and many challenges the country is dealing with. There might be a chance that you will have to deal with this. I have experienced it several times and it is quite annoying. Especially when you are not able to continue your journey as planned. In general, these protests are peaceful and usually mean you have to stay at a destination for a day or more. It is best to wait and inform at your travel company or hotel. Usually the blocks are lifted after a few days. Try to avoid the areas of demonstration and do not take any pictures, unless you have permission to do so. If the situation gets worse, it is recommended to contact your travel insurance or embassy, if necessary.

What to do in Bolivia? In the next article you’ll find the most beautiful destinations and places to visit in Bolivia, including the best things to do, information about altitude sickness, best time to visit and local cultures and beliefs. Have a look in the Bolivia archive for all Bolivia related articles.

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