Modern Art in Istanbul

by Deborah Durrfeld

It’s always nice and interesting to get inspired by modern art abroad! The Istanbul Modern opened in 2004 and became the first Modern Art museum in Turkey. Well worth a visit!

Modern Art in Istanbul | Istanbul Modern

The museum, located in the Beyoğlu district, has different floors with permanent and temporary exhibition halls. Including paintings, sculptures, photography, mixed art, video art and installations. As in every other museum you will find pieces you love and pieces you don’t feel at all. But that’s what makes it interesting. Istanbul Modern mainly focuses on Turkish art although, in addition you will find some International pieces. I was especially impressed by the temporary exhibition of photographer Yildiz Moran. She is Turkey’s first academically female photographer. These are a few pieces I found interesting and surprising.

BBC’s “Heart of Turkey”

Istanbul Modern was highlighted in BBC series “Heart of Turkey”. This program focused on how the museum played an important role in putting Turkish Art on the international art map. As Turkey was not known for contemporary art at all and how it became an important International art destination within a short amount of time. Watch it here.

Istanbul Modern

Istanbul Modern is currently and temporarily located in the Beyoğlu distrcict, before it moves back to its original location in the Karaköy district.

Moderne Kunst in Istanbul

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