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Hand embroidered pillow sleeve – The Uros Family (light blue)


Each piece is 100% handmade, featuring unique hand embroidery traditional motifs, made by indigenous Uros families of Peru. The unique embroidery was woven by eight families forming their own weaving cooperative, an initiative by Norma, Nelly and Fransisco de Suma Uro.

Using a traditional technique with intricate needlework, each pillow sleeve can take 3 to 4 days to complete.

Thank you for wanting to purchase this pillow sleeve and support the indigenous Uros community during this pandemic. Your support helps ensure an income for eight families living on the Lago Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. There is no tourism in Peru at the moment, and these families have no possibility to share their culture, sell their goods and make any income.

By purchasing directly from these families, you are supporting a sustainable effort and impacting these indigenous people. This pillow sleeve is hand washable.

Out of stock

Two items per order! In case you would like to support and order more products, please contact: contact@passporttheworld.com


Thick woolen cloth | Hand washable | Hand-embroidered

A unique piece of art
Every item is a unique piece of art and therefore one of a kind. All products are 100% handmade and have the human touch of the Peruvian maker in each stitch. This makes the products charming and different from factor-made accessories. No two pieces are the same, and every piece has a different combination of colors and images. Imperfections are to be expected and appreciated.

Community impact
This pillow sleeve is featuring textile treasures from the Uros indigenous people at the Lago Titicaca in Peru, famous for its ancient traditions and hand embroidery. Most families have no access to markets because there is no tourism, due to the pandemic. By purchasing authentic textiles directly from the community, you support a truly honest production.

43 cm x 43 cm. Every item is a unique piece of art, please keep in mind that sizes are approximately and can be a little bit off.

Your support helps ensure an income for eight families living on the Lago Titicaca.

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